Paul, Job well done. You exceeded my expectations. The quality of all the documents is exceptional. The window sticker, car shipper, dealer invoice and tank sticker are perfect. Your expertise of how all the documents are integrated together is remarkable. Thanks for your patience working with me. Your turn around time was unbelievable. For the quality and all your effort, your price cannot be beat.
RW - Southbury Ct.

In August 2016, I contacted Paul to re-create the original window sticker for my 1972 Corvette Stingray. During the research process, Paul uncovered several bits of information that I wasn't aware of which were an important part of the car's story. Throughout the process Paul exercised a high attention to detail; was thorough and knowledgeable in his research, and really listened to my input and concerns. I could not be happier with the final product, and I highly recommend Paul's work.
Charles M. - Philadelphia, PA

Paul, Just received my documents today in the mail. WOW!!! I am completely blown away by how they turned out. Very, (I mean V-E-R-Y) authentic looking. The aged paper is simply awesome. I will no doubt send you more business once my car Buddies get a look at these. Thanks so much.
Ken - Grand Rapids, MI

Hi Paul, OH MY GOSH!!! I just received the window sticker for our 1973 L82 Corvette. Fantastic job which exceeded expectations. This definitely adds to our presentation at car shows. We are very pleased and look forward to having you do a couple more forms for us. We will definitely be mentioning you to people we know and at upcoming car shows. Thanks again for a great “Job Well Done”!
Tim & Judy - Orfordville, WI

Paul, The window sticker just came for my 67 Corvette Coupe. It looks great just like it has been stored for 50 years. You do great work and if I know of anyone wanting doc for the car I will send them your name and contact info. Many thanks
Mike - Greenwood, IN

First there was Picasso..........Now there is Paul!! I received my window sticker and other documents today and they are a true work of art. Working with Paul through the process was an extreme learning experience for me. I have owned my 1963 Corvette for 37 years now and at the time of purchase I was given numerous receipts and other documents which lead me to believe my Corvette was originally delivered to Florida. I was shocked to learn it was purchased at a small Chevrolet dealership in northern Michigan. Paul was not only able to uncover the original address and telephone number for the dealership but also sent me copies of advertising ads and a photo of the dealership's owner standing beside a brand new Anniversary Gold 1963 Chevrolet Impala 50 Millionth celebration vehicle. Paul, it was great working with you and thanks so much for all of your hard work.
Don - Dahlonega, GA

Paul, The documents arrived today. I am incredibly impressed by the quality of the documents. Incredible! Thanks for such a fantastic and personal service. Really appreciate it.
Len - Blackrod, United Kingdom

Paul, I received the window sticker today for my '63 split window. It looks terrific! At car shows people get a big kick out of seeing an authentic looking window sticker for the car and this one is perfect. The paper, printing, fonts, data, prices and codes are all very authentic. And I really appreciate you going the extra mile to research and find the correct address for the dealer in 1963. I've also got a 1966 big block Corvette convertible and I bought a reproduction window sticker from another vendor a few years ago. Now that I've seen your product I am going to order another one from you for my '66! Thanks again.
Rick - San Antonio, Texas

Paul, you did a great job with the window sticker and other documents. You went way beyond what I expected. I will be using you in the furture. Thanks again!
Monte - Fox Lake, IL

Great work Paul. The window sticker you did is spot on with the original. Now I can keep the original in a safe place and display your copy. I will definitely recommend you to others.
Steve - Hendersonville, NC

Paul, The window sticker for my '78 GMC looks great. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into it with the correct codes, prices and descriptions. Looks awesome, will recommend you to other friends.
Mike - Osceola, WI

Paul, I received my reproduction window sticker. I am very pleased with your work and product. The overall process is very easy for the customer. The aged appearance of the window sticker is amazing and adds to authenticity of the information printed on it.
Steve - Northville, MI

Paul, I just received my 3 documents for my 1972 Nova SS. I'm absolutely thrilled and amazed at the originality of them. The car is nearly stock and this is the icing on the cake for me when I bring it to shows! Thanx for this great service you offer and for being the perfectionist that you are!
Joe - Somerset, NJ

Paul, My window sticker arrived today. I was very impressed with the communication and how quickly my order was completed start to finish (only 5 days)including arrival time to my mailbox. I am really amazed with how you were able to re-create this document and how original it looks. Will recommend you to all my buddies at the car cruise here in Virginia Beach. THANKS for the super customer service you are truly a professional and joy to work with.
Harry - Virginia Beach, VA

Paul,I was thoroughly amazed at how quickly I received my paperwork on Monday. From the time that I first contacted you to finished product at my door was 1 week. Almost every day you updated me by email on the progress of your work. The documents themselves are like art. They don't look "too" new , but rather they look like something filed away more than 50 years ago for safe keeping. I'm planning to take a trip this summer to London, Kentucky to see where my car when new was first sold. I also plan to look for any interesting information about the (now out of business) dealership or people from that time period. Thanks again & happy hunting.
Mark - Danville, PA

Paul, I was thoroughly amazed at how quickly I received my paperwork on Monday. From the time that I first contacted you to finished product at my door was 1 week. Almost every day you updated me by email on the progress of your work. The documents themselves are like art. They don't look "too" new , but rather they look like something filed away more than 50 years ago for safe keeping. I'm planning to take a trip this summer to London, Kentucky to see where my car when new was first sold . I also plan to look for any interesting information about the (now out of business) dealership or people from that time period. Thanks again & happy hunting, Mark, Danville, PA Paul: Hello, looks fantastic! Just put it in my passenger side window... lol! It looks great and your attention to detail is awesome. I would recommend your services to anyone. Thx!
Mike K - Dallas TX

Paul, received the papers today…..totally awesome work!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!! I will definitely tell everybody to order these great window stickers from you. Great job!! Thanx again for your great service.
Iwan - Chur Switzerland

Paul, The reproduction window sticker received from winvoices.com exceeded all expectations after purchasing a cheaper one from another vendor. There is no comparison. Don’t waste your money on anyone else. Paul went above and beyond by helping me with the research on the dealership to ensure everything was period correct. The amount of time Paul invested in my project exceeded the price of the window sticker. You can’t go wrong with Winvoices.com.
Dan - Charleston, SC

Paul, I want to thank you for all of your assistance, explanations, and patience as I researched having the WINDOW STICKER, CAR SHIPPER, and CAR INVOICE reproduced for my Monte Carlo SS. I was not familiar at all with this process and you were more than willing to answer my numerous questions over a period of many days. Once ordered, I had the documents in hand sooner than expected. I could not have been more pleased with the accuracy and detail, even to the point of the "aging" of the paper on which the documents are printed. Dealing with someone such as you and your company is refreshing in a day when promises are not kept, deadlines not met, and products are misrepresented. You have been "spot on" and that is very much appreciated. I am happy to recommend your company and your expertise to other automotive enthusiasts. Thanks again Paul for everything.
John - Camden DE

Paul, Your craftsmanship and attention to detail reproducing OEM documentation is phenomenal. You have been a pleasure to work with and I wouldn't trust anyone else with this task. I thank you for finally making my 1978 Corvette complete! When I opened the package, it was like I was stepping back into 1978 and taking delivery of the car. Your documentation is a must with any Corvette owner!
Adam - Oakdale, PA

Paul, you did an outstanding job on the documents they came out perfect. The window sticker was just like the original. Your research was unexpected and very appreciated. You are a very patient and understanding person. Excellent communications, you always answered my emails quickly. I thank you for all the time and effort you put into getting them just right.
Bob - North Carolina

Paul, the invoices look great. They are exact reproductions of the original documents right down to the aging process. Thanks for the additional help on coming up with the street address of Colonial Chevrolet.
Bob - Valley City, CA

Paul: Received the window sticker today and it was perfect. You did a fantastic job. Quick response time and turnaround. Excellent communications throughout the process. Thanks again for an excellent job.
Larry - Luling, LA

Hi Paul. I had just received my window sticker in the mail today and it looks great. The attention to detail is very well done and being a Canadian sold car, I love how the French language is on the sticker as well. I appreciate all your work and will definitely recommend you to my local car enthusiasts.
Carmine - Lewes, DE

Paul, We received the 2 documents in the mail today. They look fantastic! Thank you so much for everything! You were very knowledgeable on the steps we needed to take in order to get the documents for our 1967 Corvette. Your follow up and follow through were second to none. We will be repeat customers for sure!
Rich - South Daytona, FL

Paul, WOW it looks original you did a great job thank you also by me just giving you codes you were able to distinguish what equipment was on the car i will highly recomend you to all the car show guys i know and once again thank you. PS. I will probly order other paperwork in the future from you.
Mike - Warrington, PA

Paul, I received the window sticker this morning. You did a great job. I saw an original and I can’t tell the difference. Your work is perfect. You are very professional, well organized, and knowledgeable. You checked with me five times to assure accuracy. I appreciate your thoughtfulness. If I need anything in the future , I’ll contact you.
Paul - New Castle, PA

This is my second set of reproduction window stickers, car shippers, dealer order forms etc., The service he provides is probably the best I have ever experienced. Paul responds to emails almost immediately. He is extremely knowledgeable about original paperwork and documentation. His website is very user friendly which makes it easy to complete the necessary forms, I would highly recommend WINVOICES .COM, he can reproduce the paperwork you request. All the forms look original. The color, font, layout and paper look like an exact duplicate of the original paperwork. If I had a third car, I would get more documents. Show and tell was great at the last car gathering. Friends really liked them. Thanks!
Albert - Denver, CO

Hi Paul, I received the window sticker you made for my 1965 Corvette today. I must say that your work is very accurate including the fonts, form colors and the aging of the document. It will be a very nice complement to my original documentation.
David, Austin Texas

Hi Paul, The window sticker for my '63 Corvette arrived today and it looks great. It will make a nice display item with the car and is sure to spark some conversations when people see list price from that era. It's your attention to detail that made it a pleasure to deal with you. Many thanks.
Walt - Jefferson, MD

Paul, the reproduction window sticker for my 69 Corvette looks awesome! Great attention to detail! I had it laminated and put it on my dash for each car show. People are really impressed on how authentic it looks. Keep up the great work!! Classic car guys are glad you are around!!
Tim - Scottsdale, AZ

I received the document in the mail today… Wow! It looks great! Even though it’s a reproduction, I’m afraid to damage it and have thought of displaying a copy! Thanks for a job well done. I look forward to passing on your info to my friends at cruise night. Cheers.
David - Mississauga, Ontario CN

Paul, I received the Tank Sticker and Monroney sticker you did for my 1970 Corvette and I am impressed. The best endorsement I could possibly give is that I am ordering from you again, for my 1966 Corvette this time.
Van - Wildomar, CA

I have used Paul for window stickers and related documents on more than one occasion. Each time, he has exceeded my expectations. Not only has he reproduced the most accurate documents, but he has also been invaluable in helping research the history of my cars. He’s gone out of his way to find old newspaper clippings showing everything from classified ads with my car for sale back in the day to drag strip results naming the car and past owners. His product and services are truly exceptional!
Paul R. - Seattle, WA

Paul: I received the window sticker for my LA built 69 Z28. What an awesome piece of work. I can't thank you enough. Not only was the document authentic looking but your attention to detail was incredible. You have an in depth knowledge of the idiosyncrasies associated with the various plants and their stickers. I can't thank you enough for the education I received on LA stickers.
Timothy - Fulshear, TX

Paul, I received the final draft window sticker on Saturday. Everything looks great. Excellent work, it's hard to believe it's not an authentic 57 year old document. You have exceeded my expectations far beyond! Your expertise on Chevrolet memorabilia is amazing. Can't wait to show it off at the next Concours show!
Sean - Albuquerque NM

Hi Paul, Just wanted to let you know the window sticker and invoice arrived yesterday. To say I’m impressed with the quality would be an understatement. I can’t believe how accurate they look with the aging effect. I’m excited to have them with the car at MCACN this year.
Chuck - North Fork, Ontario

Paul, Got my window sticker for my '69 L78 Camaro and I am very pleased with how accurate and authentic looking it is. Thanks for the great job.
Mike - Canton, OH

Hi Paul. The documents arrived today.  They turned out beautifully.  I could not be more pleased!  Thank you for working with me on this project.
Jim B. - Thousand Oaks, CA

Paul, Thanks for doing a superb job on reproducing a Window Sticker, Dealer Invoice, and Car Shipper report for my car. All my documents are now complete and correct. You were a pleasure to work with and thank you for your additional research. All documents look original and a testament to your dedication in getting it right. I will have no problem in recommending your services to anyone I meet along the car show circuit.
Carl - Merrimack, NH

I just received my original looking window sticker made by Winvoices for my 65' vert. Paul was very easy to deal with and the turn-around time was awesome. The product is just as awesome as their service. This is such a great document to pass along to my son (along with the car) and such a great piece to have in the window at car shows.
Mike - Portland, OR

Paul, All I can say is WOW!!! I can't believe how awesome my invoice window sticker turned out. It's going to add so much character to the car at car shows showing it's true history. Thank you so much.
John - Furlong, PA

Paul, I received my 66 Chevelle docs and I am very happy with the work you have done. Thank You for your professional service and help, these docs are very nice.
Ron - Nevada City, CA

As a numbers and production figures "geek", it was a pleasure working with Paul to get the window sticker for my 1968 Caprice. It looks great, and has already garnered many lookers and questions at the first car show that I attended with it. I cannot recommend Paul's Services highly enough, and WILL be using him on my next classic car. Thanks, Paul!
Dave - Pearland, TX

Paul, received and looks awesome. I can’t believe how the font matches from over 40 yrs ago. This is simply great work and research.
Mark - Nesconset, NY

Got the window sticker today it looks great. I like that i can see the dealer and all the options and the pricing. Great addition to my car.
Scott - Mooresville, NC

Paul, Received my window stickers a few days ago and am very pleased. Thank you for you attention to correctness, research, analysis and overall careful scrutiny of the option combinations on my cars. With your help, I'm sure WE got all the details correct.
Hubert - Greenville, NC

Paul, My window sticker arrived today. I was very impressed with how quickly my order was completed start to finish. I ordered a window sticker from another company last year. Your aged window sticker is hands down a higher quality product. Thank you for adding one more quality component to my classic car.
Dan - Potsdam, NY

Paul is an outstanding expert on fonts for the window stickers for all the cars he lists in his website. Paul has gone above and beyond customer satisfaction for acuracy and quality. I highly recommend Paul and his products.
Dan W. - Ft. Collins, CO

Paul, The document arrived today, just a GREAT job. You communicated with me throughout the entire process, workmanship was exceptional, the attention to detail great. Look forward to do more with you.
Mike - CT

Paul, Great window sticker! Several friends that have seen it like the authentic look.
Rick S. - Beverly Hills, MI

The documents you made for my 1969 camaro are incredible. They look awesome. Money well spent would recommend as a must do for your car.
Rob S. - Petal, MS

Paul, the window sticker, car shipper, retail sales order and dealer invoice arrived today for my Impala SS. It's like opening up a time capsule and seeing brand new 50+ year old papers. You did a great job and I appreciate the communication during the ordering process. It was a pleasure doing business with someone who really takes pride in the product they produce. Thanks.
Chris H. - Prince Edward Island, Canada

Paul, I received the document for my 1961 Corvette today. You did a "bang-up" job. I am very pleased with the communications and the end results. Where on earth did you find the correct paper? Now my next challenge is to design and make a storyboard for the next car show.
Ron - Troup, TX

To anyone looking for reproduction window stickers, car shippers, dealer order forms etc., I would highly recommend Paul! The service he provides is probably the best I have ever experienced. Paul responds to emails almost immediately. Whenever I would send an email to Paul with a question he was back to me almost immediately. He is extremely knowledgeable about original paperwork and documentation. His website is very user friendly which makes it easy to complete the necessary forms so he can reproduce the paperwork you request. All the forms look original. The color, font, layout and paper look like an exact duplicate of the original paperwork. I received the paperwork within a few days of placing the order. What a pleasure to work with! Thank you Paul!
Ken - Lititz, PA

Hi Paul- received package today. Looks great. Amazing how you can dig up this info as nobody else seems to be able to. Thank you.
Ken - Grand Praire, Canada

Paul, nice job with the window sticker for my 1970 Camaro Z28 - it looks great. Thanks for making the process fun and simple. I am super happy with it.
Jeff - San Diego, CA

Paul, I received the window stickers in the mail a couple days ago. Both the 1967 Chevelle and 1968 Corvette stickers exceeded expectations! Thanks again for getting everything together so quickly and the excellent communication throughout the process!
Joe - Spring Brook Twp, PA

Hi Paul, I received the dealer invoice today and it came out fantastic. Thank you for your attention to detail and walking me through the process. Looking forward to showing it at my next car show!
Nick - Southborough, MA

Paul, I received the paperwork for my 1969 Z28. I am super pleased with everything. The window sticker and dealer invoice look great alongside the original Protecto-Plate. It is awesome to look  at the paperwork and imagine that it was on the window of my car in 1969. Thanks again.
Jarrell, Bountiful, UT

Paul, Thank you for your help on my window sticker for my 1968 SS/RS. Your knowledge and research made these document's perfect! I would highly recommend you to anyone needing a reproduction window sticker, car shipper or dealer invoice.
Mark - Huntington Beach, CA

Paul, I just received my document set.  They are everything you advertise. The paper looks aged and the type and color is excellent. I had ordered a window sticker from another provider, but honestly your attention to the details of the proper codes, options and wording makes your version more period correct and far superior.
Jim - Naperville, IL

Paul, your reputation precedes you and this is service above and beyond. Your documents are truly works of art. Whenever I am asked where to get reproduction docs, you will be the only company I will recommend.
Leif - Richardson, TX

Just came in today's mail and I hafta say, it is even better than I had hoped! I am thoroughly impressed and will talk it up to anyone who cares to listen. The newspaper clippings were a side plus to the actual product. Thanks again!
Tom - Lincoln, CA

Dear Paul, there is no one with more professionalism in the reproduction of 1950's, 1960's and 1970's Automobile Window Stickers, Dealer Invoices, Car Shipper Bills, Tank Stickers and Retail Order Forms than Winvoices.com. Your knowledge of serial numbers, engine numbers, key code numbers, accessory and equipment codes has made it easy to pull all the information neatly to help generate the automobile documentation. The documents themselves looked more authenric then the original document trail. Thank you for your guidance and professionalism.
Allen - St. Augustine, FL

Paul,the 3 items arrived today, they look OUTSTANDING. I am so very happy with the finished product! You did an excellent job with them. Thanks for everythingl...Happy New Year.
Sal - Manalapan, New Jersey

Paul, I just received the documentation for the 1966 Corvette. The quality of your original aged paper, correct fonts, and correct pricing for that year is far superior than your competition. I would be glad to recommend you to my friends, and I have another car for you to process. Your work far exceeded my expectations.
Dennis - Sonoma County, CA

Paul, you're an artist, these are great. Thank you so much. If I buy another Corvette and I'm missing anything , I'll be sure to call.
Ed - Garden City, NY

Paul I received my window sticker, shipper, and invoice today. To say I'm impressed would be an understatement! Your attention to detail, accuracy, and professionalism has far exceeded my expectations and I'll proudly display these items at all the car shows I attend. I also believe they will help in judging for authenticity. Thanks a million; worth every penny.
Bob - Germantown, WI

Received my window sticker today and I'm very pleased with it. Paul was extremely easy to work with and provided quick response and top quality work. I'd use him again in the future.  Authentic looking product; I'm very happy with my 1961 Chevrolet Corvair window sticker!
John - Alabama

Paul, you rock! I just arrived home from a business trip and saw the absolutely stunning, period correct looking 1968 window sticker for our car. It is simply amazing; the detail, color and aged paper; and will only add to the value of our restoration! Make it a fabulous day!
Troy - Henderson, NV

Paul, the documents arrived today in perfect condition.  It took only 6 days from NY to Switzerland. I thank you for your continued commitment and your ongoing updates which produced unbelievably authentic documents about my car. I really appreciate all of your extra effort, your expertise, and your ongoing dedication.   I am very happy with the speed and quality of your work. Simply outstanding!
 Karl K. - Switzerland

Paul, Love the window sticker.... will really add something to the car. Thanks!
Jeff B. - Chesnee, SC

Paul, the documents arrived today: Window Sticker, Car Shipper and Dealer Invoice. The workmanship is exceptional, working with you was so easy, and all my questions were answered professionally. I will highly recommend winvoices.com.
Mike M. - Bolivia, NC

The finished work looks great!  Every attention to detail was met.  Thank you!
Ron G. - Cliffside Park, NJ

Hi Paul, we received our invoice today for the 1962 Impala and are very pleased with it. The detail is great and the aging makes it look very original. Thanks again for a job well done.
Mark and Bonnie - St. Joseph, MN

Paul, Wow! The Window Sticker for my 1974 Chevrolet Pickup arrived today in great condition. You did an amazing job and I can't believe your focus on getting this done for me. In my estimation you achieved perfection! Even the font matches the Car Shipper! I greatly appreciate your experienced help in recreating this missing piece from my truck's original history and the expediency in which you were able to put everything together. GM could have not done a better job!
Bob H. - Valencia, CA

Paul, tank sticker looks great, Good job. Very satisfied. Thanks.
Warren B. - Dania Beach, FL

Paul, We received our Dealer Invoice today and it looks great! I appreciate the care in which you packaged it to protect it. You were a pleasure to deal with by e-mail and it paid off. Tomorrow my husband is going to a car show and he will have your business cards with him, in case others want to know who did it for us. Thanks again.
Rosemary & Frank - Oak lawn, IL

Good morning Paul, I’d like to thank you for the outstanding window sticker you made for our car. It is a great piece to add for car shows and many enjoy looking at them as I do also.
Charles - York, PA

Hi Paul, I received my Corvette owners protection plan book today, may I say it's outstanding! The Window sticker and other documents are second to none and I'M very happy with the price and quality of work.
I will use these documents at car shows to represent what they looked like back in the day. Many thanks.
Greg G. - Fort Pierce. FL

Paul, The window sticker is GREAT! You were a pleasure to work with. If any new customers want to ask me, feel free to use my email. Thank you!
Tom M. - Port Charlotte, FL Paul was very professional and I enjoyed working with him.  All my questions were answered and the research he put into making as exact a replica as possible was appreciated! My documentation totally resembled what I believe the original paperwork would have looked like (in fact it was probably better!)The attention to detail was remarkable. If you are looking for someone to help you reconstruct your car documentation, Paul is the guy for the job.
Dave W. - Sioux City. IA

Hi Paul. Got my window sticker. Great job. The ink and type set are very authentic. Thank you for correcting my errors and tweaking my sticker to make it the most authentic it could be.
David B. - Norton Shores, MI

Paul, we received the window stickers. They are absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for the detailed work you put into these and how quickly you got them to us. Great Job!!!!
Molly - Muscle Cars of Texas

Paul, thanks again. Your attention to detail and prompt service is second to none. The window sticker you made is very realistic and complements my 65 Roadster.
Robb S. - Limerick, PA

Paul, what can I say that hasn't already been said about your service? Thank you once again for the reproduction tank and window sticker for my 1972 'Vette. The level of detail and authenticity is outstanding! I can see why you came highly recommended and I will certainly recommend your services to friends. All the best!
Anthony - NY

Paul, Received the documents on Friday. Absolutely awesome job! They look great! I showed them to other Maryland Chevelle Club members at our meeting this weekend. They were all very impressed with them.
Tom R. - Franklinville, NJ

Paul, the window sticker arrived yesterday and it is outstanding.  I wonder how you age the paper like that?  My '68 Camaro is much more complete with the addition of the window sticker and the dealer ads you provided.  Please add me to your list of satisfied customers!
Chris C. - Houston, TX

Hi Paul, I got my window sticker today!  Looks great!! Thanks again for the speedy service!
Mike - Willow Street, PA

Hi Paul, got the window sticker. It looks awesome. Just wanted to say thanks.
Steve S. - Welland Ontario, Canada

Paul, The window sticker arrived today and looks fabulous!! I'm sure I will have more requests in the future. Thanks again.
Marco H - Punta Gorda, FL

Paul, Thank you again for the wonderful job you did on the reproduction materials for our 1970 Chevelle!  You went to great lengths to make everything look exactly as it should!  You were able to use the build sheet and make the window sticker, shipper's invoice, sales order and dealer invoice awesome! Turn around time and our communication could not have been better.  Excited to show the documents off! Will highly recommend your services!
Alan and Patsy - Shawnee, KS

Paul, I received the papers on my Chevelle and they're perfect!! I can't thank you enough!
Terry - Sherman, TX

Paul, The Monroney sticker for my 65 Corvair Corsa arrived, and is everything I expected and more. Absolutely beautiful work. I cannot begin to praise you sufficiently for the incredible responsiveness, attention to detail and ability to research all the little things that make the window sticker just perfect. I look forward to proudly displaying it on my car at upcoming shows. Thanks very much, it's been a real pleasure to work with someone so professional and with a clear love for what they do. You're the best!
James B. - New Freedom, PA

Paul, I got the docs and they are unbelievable. If I tell people they are original I don't think they would ever be able to tell. Great job.
Harold B. - Cinnaminson, NJ

Paul, I received the window sticker and car shipper today and they exceeded my expectations! They look like they are the original documents. I really appreciate your attention to detail, especially when it came to further digging and finding the actual ship to address. I will definitely recommend winvoices.com to all of my fellow Camaro Club Members. Thanks for a super job!
David H. - Northville, MI

Hi Paul, we got the documents in the mail.... WOW they are awesome!!!! What a professional job! We couldn't be happier!! We would highly recommend your services to everyone. THANKS AGAIN!!!!!! It's been a pleasure talking with you.
Allen K - Ephraim, UT

Paul, this is really the reason I like dealing with “professionals” in their field … different price books at the time, ECL codes, letter shapes, tractor-feed paper, and on and on. Really does set you apart from everyone else. I’m shocked at the quantity of errors that others made even on ECL codes. It is a pleasure dealing with someone of your caliber. I am passing your cards out to everyone who will consider the real deal instead of a cheater sticker that may be full of errors. I hope they spend the money to get the best sticker on the market.
Bill C. - Ontario, Canada

Paul, got the mail last night. Looks great! Man that looks realistic. Really a nice job. Thanks again for the quality and quick service!
Tom - Lake Villa, Ill

Paul, I appreciate that you were willing to go to such great lengths (many emails back & forth) required to substantiate all the info that went into the authentic recreation of the window sticker, shipper and invoice for my 1968 Chevrolet. Your obvious dedication to the car collection hobby has proven to be a valuable asset towards your finished product. I will not hesitate to recommend you to other enthusiasts I encounter.
JW - Hinsdale, IL

Paul, I got my window sticker today. Awesome job, it looks like the real thing! Thanks again for all your help and I will tell everybody where I got it.
Kevin C. - Moline, IL

Paul, thank you for the unbelievable work you preformed in doing my reproduction paper work. It`s hard to believe how much it resembles the original documents I have with my car. When I started showing the car, I was hesitant to display the originals for fear of damaging them. I have no problem displaying your excellent work & I doubt if anyone can tell that they are not the originals, which are tucked away safely.
If a person doesn'tt have an original sticker of their car, I would highly recommend you to them. Your effort is truly appreciated.
Rich S. - Rolling Prairie, IN

I received your package today, awesome job. Thank you.
Roger - Frisco, TX

I have used Paul for window stickers on several of my Corvettes. Not only does he provide excellent service and a great looking product but he is very knowledgeable about options, prices, etc. for your Chevrolet.
Dave - Terre Haute, IN

Hi Paul, Yes, came yesterday. Beautiful; a work of art.
Steve - Marietta, OH

Hi Paul, Yes...I received the sticker. It looks great. I am very pleased. Thanks for your patience and attention to detail. It was worth doing this document the right way. The WS looks realistic and correct. That's what I was hoping for.
Jerry - Huntington Beach, CA

Paul, I would like to thank you and Winvoices. When I opened up the window sticker you made for my 1965 Chevy Impala SS I was blown away by the authentic vintage look. You covered all the bases with the small amount of info i was able to give you. I got it in time for the annual Woodward Dream Cruise and had dozens of people stop to read and comment on the sticker. I passed your info on to some members in my car club and will definitely use your services in the future.
Sid - Macomb Township, MI

Hi Paul, invoices arrived today and they look amazing, excellent quality thanks very much. I look forward to our next requirement.
Mike - Wichita Falls, TX

I believe there is no better advertising than word of mouth (or computer!), so if someone does an excellent job for me I tend to go out of my way to make sure others know about it. You were absolutely a pleasure to do business with and went 'above and beyond' to ensure that every detail was as correct as a reasonable person could expect.
Bill - Gold Canyon, AZ

Hi Paul, Got the documents yesterday. You really did an incredible job. We loved them. Thanks for everything.
Tim - Bellmore, NY

Paul, thanks for the documents you sent me for my 69 Camaro X22. They were fantastic! I was also very happy with the time you put into this and all your answers. I always get an answer everytime I ask something. My car was some challenge to research and you really used your time to find out everything, You get a Top score in every level!!! I will recommend you to all I know!
Trond Klevengen - Norway

Paul, great job on my 64 Corvair Spyder window sticker. This is the real deal and will look good when i go to car shows.
Authentic recreation of the sticker with every detail to the finished product.
Lee - Lindenhurst, New York 

Hello Paul, envelope arrived today. The Window Stickers are absolutely beautiful, and thank you so much.
I can't tell you how great they look. They look like they were in a time capsule.
Todd - Palmyra, PA

Paul, I want to thank you for your work in duplicating the window sticker, dealer invoice, and car shipper for my 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle SS. The work is exceptional, and your efforts in helping to research the proper information for a vehicle over 40 years old are impressive. The documents are a great touch for car shows and complete the history of the vehicle. Thank you again for all your hard work and quick turnaround on this project.
Bob S - Commack, NY

Paul, I received the window sticker in today's mail, It looks great and it will be a great addition when I show my car.
Thanks again and you do good work.
John - Joshua, Texas

Thank you again Paul for working with me to create a correct window sticker, car shipper and dealer invoice. Your communications were excellent, and I am impressed with the amount of digging you did to obtain the dealership salesmen's names etc. for the dealer invoice. It is nice to use a company that genuinely gets what customer service means. The paperwork will look cool on my '70 LS6 Chevelle. Thanks for all of your hard work. Looking forward to dealing with you again.
Jim - Toronto, Canada

Hi Paul, I got the window stickers, and they are everything I had hoped for. Yhanks,
Dick - Minot, ND

It is nice to deal with a company that still understands customer service. Everything about this transaction exceeded my expectations from order to delivery to follow up. Great communications and a great product.
Dave - Terre Haute, IN

I was not sure how this process worked, but Paul over at Winvoices was extremely helpful from day one! He was able to locate information on my car that I was not able to find and really went the extra mile all the way through the process to ensure the right options were on my car. Look no further, I wouldn't go anywhere else!
Noel D - San Francisco, CA

Paul, You did an excellent job in creating a period correct window sticker, dealer invoice, and carrier shipper invoice for my 1964 Impala Super Sport. Using the only information I had from the car's original warranty booklet, vehicle body tags, and knowledge about its options, these documents look as historically accurate to the long-gone originals as one could create. I was impressed with our extensive communication in order to get these results. I look forward to displaying these documents along with the vehicle at car shows. Thank you very much!
Gary H -North Mankato, MN

Paul, Thanks for the great job on the window sticker. It looks perfect. When I show people they don't know it's not original. The vintage look you gave it is spot on !!!!  Nice job.    Thanks.
GL - Sherwood, OR

As one of the founders of The 1965-66 Full Size Chevrolet Club I am always on the lookout for things in the collector car marketplace that would enhance one's ownership of a 65 or 66 Chevrolet as well as items to avoid such as the "one size fits all" items that some vendors peddle.   The quality and attention to detail of your Window Stickers is unbelievably accurate. You are providing a great service. Thank You for the 2-Page window sticker for my highly optioned 1966 427 Caprice Coupe.  I'm glad I got the aged option as it looks absolutely great.  I'm going to gather the data from my wife's SS and my nephew's Impala and order stickers for those cars. Keep up the good work!
D. Washburn - Colorado Springs, CO

Got everything, thanx again. It was a pleasure doing business with you. I will recommend you highly. God bless.
Joe, Smithtown, NY

This was my first experience with Winvoices. I had Paul make several window invoices for me, I have memories of how I THOUGHT things were, but Paul follows the facts to get to the correct information. I enjoyed working with him figuring out what was correct for my cars, there were a couple of options packages I thought included different items, but in he researched everything so we arrived at the correct facts. The quality is excellent, he even took the time to age them differently so as you look at the different cars you get the feeling the invoices are authentic. The quality, price and delivery time was very satisfactory, as with most things when you work with someone who really knows his business it makes the project much more enjoyable. I'm confident based on my experience that you will enjoy working with Paul.
Dick Minot - ND

Paul, I just want to shoot you a quick email to let you know I think the window sticker and invoice look great, Very authentic. I am surprised, And impressed. Thanks for responding to my emails so quick. Very painless transaction. I will be sure to pass your contact info to my friends. Thanks Again.
Tim B - Colleyville, TX

Hey Paul, I'm still loving my Corvette and the window sticker that I still love so much!
Eric - Canada

Paul, thank you so much! Documents are exact and ties together the history from day one on my 65 SS Impala! Can't wait for the next car show season so I can add these important docs to my collage.
Rick Joliet, IL

As the owner of three classic cars, a 1986 Pontiac Fiero, a 1977 Ford Bronco and a 1964 Monza Corvair, I have previously ordered reproduction documents from other companies. Without a doubt, WINVOICES.COM is the most professional, dedicated and easiest to work with in its research for my Window Sticker, Car Shipper and Dealer Invoices. No question or concern was too trivial for Paul as he is totally committed to "getting it right" to insure 100% accuracy of all standard and optional features. Paul will not quit until total satisfaction is obtained; an old fashioned quality unfortunately scarce in todays "fast paced, next up, faceless" business environment. I am truly sorry that Paul's company is limited to Chevrolet vehicles only. I would gladly order documents for my Pontiac and Ford if possible! It is my pleasure to always endorse WINVOICES.COM to any owner of a Chevrolet vehicle in need of outstanding quality reproduction documents. Paul, your love for your profession is evident in every document you create, keep up the great work and I wish the best of success for you and your company as you continue to grow in this unique rewarding field!
Larry B- Peyton, CO

Paul, everything looks great I am no expert but I think they are excellent. thanks for taking time and researching. We will soon see what the experts think but I am very pleased. Thanks again.
John - Pembroke, MA

Paul's products and service are second to none. I was extremely pleased with how the documents turned out; they definitely met and went far beyond my expectations. That aside, the icing on the cake is Paul's professionalism, commitment to his craft, integrity, and personal touch. Paul is a perfectionist. I didn't know one or two details regarding the dealer and the salesperson that originally sold my car 40+ years ago. Paul researched it by going through the classified sections of old 1970's newspapers, and was able to find both the original telephone number of the dealership (which closed about 30 years ago) as well as a salesperson that worked there in the early 70's for placement into the documents. Who else would do that kind of research? I have yet to find somebody so dedicated to the hobby and committed to providing this kind of personalized one-off research to get things so perfect, and at no extra charge at that! Thank you, Paul, I will highly recommend you and your product to all of my classic car friends.
Martin B. - Sugarland, TX

Just received my window sticker today, looks great!
Martin M. - Lebanon, Oh

Paul has made three window stickers for my 1966 Chevrolets. One SS Impala was very easy because I had a copy of the original. His reproduction was spot on. We only had the original dealer information on another Caprice. It was such a loaded car that it had a two page window sticker. With Paul's great knowledge, we got the job done. The third, a Caprice also, just happened to be delivered to the same dealership as the SS so with the trim tag information and knowing the options, it was easy for him. Paul has all the correct RPO numbers etc.to do a great sticker for you. I am a very satisfied customer.
S. Halluska -  San Diego, CA 

Amazing service and resources.  Wouldn't go anywhere else. 
Jim - Freeland, MI 

Dear Paul,  Just wanted to thank you for the 1966 Impala invoice you had done for my car. Exactly as it came from the factory. Fantastic job!
Sincerely, R.M - Butler, PA

Paul, thanks for the great job on the window sticker. It looks perfect.
Greg - Oregon

I'm the wife of a "Car Guy" and not so hung up on cars as he is even though I own a 1966 Impala SS.  After he had you make a sticker for his car, he had you make a sticker for my car and it looks absolutely great.  I proudly display it on my dash when we take our cars to local shows and cruise nights.  
P. Washburn - Star Valley Ranch, WY

The docs look great! Thank you! You've been great to deal with and I will recommend you every time!
Paul R. - Seattle, WA

Paul, I met the postwoman halfway to the house today, she said I didn't bend your package. I said you better not have, LOL. The window stickers, car shippers, dealer order forms etc., were perfect. I would highly recommend WINVOICES.COM. The service you provide is the best I have ever experienced. You respond to emails almost immediately. Your website is very user friendly which makes it easy to complete the necessary forms. All your products look original; the color, font, layout and paper look like an exact duplicate of the original paperwork. I appreciate everything, and I like your 66, on the website with the working headlights and taillights!
Albert - Denver, CO

Paul, I own four muscle cars and have purchased window stickers from other vendors with much frustration in getting it right and quality, but your friendly, courteous and knowledgeable answers and research have given me the most original, correct and informative window dealer sticker I have purchased for my 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 that is near restoration. The quality and final presentation of your window sticker is very accurate including the texture of the invoice paper. Thank you for creating a very convincing looking document for my car to display at car shows in the future. I will be getting another set for my other 69 Z/28 from you before the next car show season. Thanks Again!!
Rene - Burbank, CA

Questions or comments? Contact Paul at paul@winvoices.com