We custom create authentic looking documents for
1960 through 1982* Chevrolet Cars and Trucks.

History of the Window Sticker:
The Monroney sticker as it is called in the auto industry is named for the late Almer Stillwell "Mike" Monroney, a senator from Oklahoma who sponsored the federal Automobile Information Disclosure Act in 1958. This statute requires that a sticker be affixed to the side window or windshield of every new car sold in the United States. While the law does not specifically mandate Monroney stickers for some trucks, automakers affix them across their entire vehicle lineups. Failure to display one can result in a fine of $10,000 per vehicle to the dealership.
As time went on the Window Sticker became a valuable and essential item to every car enthusiast along with the litany of additional documentation originally provided for each vehicle. Window Stickers and other documentation have become a “staple” at car shows that provide detailed information respective to the car being shown including; Dealer to whom sold, dealer code and zone number, plant assembled, model, VIN, original options, descriptions, prices and other pertinent information regarding our prized possessions. For those of you that are lucky enough to own the original paperwork and documentation, we all envy you. For those that aren’t as lucky, now is the time to own your own expertly reproduced Documents that make great Novelty items for display purposes.

About Us:
In the early 1980’s I joined a Full Size Chevrolet Club being the proud owner of a 1966 Impala Super Sport since I was 18 years old. I enjoyed researching the documentation aspect of the hobby and read everything I could get my hands on relating to this subject. I began collecting as much documentation relating to the 1966 Full Size Cars as I could find. I eventually built a database combining the multitudes of information I was able to gather. Window Stickers provided a wealth of information along with Trim Tags on these vehicles. I began to create forms copying all the information off the Window Stickers. Like many of you, after creating the form, I typed in the correct data with respect to my own vehicle as crude as that was years ago. Eventually my brother and I had the blank 1966 Window Sticker forms produced with painstaking accuracy after examining hundreds of these documents. As time went on, we learned more and more about the changes and small idiosyncrasies that were particular to each plant. Spacings, abbreviations, commas, asterisks rotated differently, fonts, serials, perforations, pin feeds, prefixes, suffixes, ECL codes and much more. It became a challenge to create a document that would mirror a Window Sticker produced in each respective plant. 1966 Full Size slowly turned into 1967 Full Size and then a few 1966 and 1967 Chevelles, Corvettes, Camaros, Chevy II’s, Corvairs and on the litany goes. We then began researching additional years, 1960 through  1970. We found wide variations in the Window Sticker forms themselves based on year and even models in many cases. Upon reviewing the available blanks being sold by most retailers we found that every single blank being sold is incorrect to some extent, some more than others. Upon further review we found the text and verbiage on the blanks more often incorrect than correct and at this point decided to create our own. The blanks we have created for each year and model is 100% accurate and the only correct blanks that can be found short of NOS.
Most recently due to great demand, we have reproduced the correct blanks for Canadian built and Canadian sold models.
Although we initially advertised documents and models from 1960 – 1970, we have the blanks available for many models dating back to 1959 through 1974 in some cases. Please see the drop down list for your particular model.
We can also recreate Dealer Invoices for all Chevrolet Models from 1954 – 1974.

*1977-1982 Window Stickers:
We have just begun offering reproduction documents for the above years. Currently, we would need the GM dealer invoice which can be ordered directly through the GM Heritage center at:
The GM Invoice will ensure accuracy of your Reproduction Window Sticker. These documents shall be created with the same quality we provide with older document reproductions. Correct fonts, form and perforations on all 4 sides as originals, plus aged to period.

Window Stickers:
Window Stickers are $95.00 each. These Window Stickers will be printed and aged to period  with the correct perforations on all sides where applicable.
Window Sticker Sample

Window Stickers for Chevrolet Trucks:
Chevrolet trucks in the 1960’s and early 1970’s did not have traditional window stickers that were adhered to the windows at the Chevrolet plants. However, many Dealers typed up window stickers on the blank window sticker forms in order to display all the features and options associated with each truck. We now are offering Chevrolet Truck window stickers for 1960-1972 Trucks and possibly later (for the same price). If you are interested in a Chevrolet Truck window sticker, please e-mail us at: paul@winvoices.com with all your personal information along with a picture of your SPID (Service Parts Identification) label and any other pertinent information you can provide including Dealer information if available.

Corvette Tank Stickers:
Tank Stickers are $95.00 each and are available for 1967 through 1972 Corvettes. The Tank Stickers will be aged to period and will include perforations on all four sides as original.
Tank Sticker Sample

Dealer Invoices:
Reproduction Dealer Invoices are $95.00 each and are available for 1954 up through 1972.  They will be customized to each dealership and will not be generic like most others offered on the internet. We require additional information for Dealer Invoices such as key numbers & engine pad number. If not available, we can assist with the research. Dealer Invoices containing specific graphics, logos or other pictures may incur additional charges. A price will be quoted prior to any order.
Dealer Invoice Sample

Dealer Invoices for Chevrolet Trucks:
Reproduction Dealer Invoices are $95.00 each and are available for 1954 up through 1974 models.  They will be customized to each dealership and will not be generic like most others offered on the internet. We require additional information for Dealer Invoices such as key numbers & engine pad number. If not available, we can assist with the research. Dealer Invoices containing specific graphics, logos or other pictures may incur additional charges. A price will be quoted prior to any order.

Car Shippers:
Car shippers are $95.00 each and are also available for the 1960 through 1977 model years (depending on model). They will also be aged to period with correct perforations on all sides where applicable.
Car Shipper Sample

Retail Order Forms:
Retail Order forms are $100 each. These are the forms that were hand written by the Sales person when you first ordered your Car. The Retail Order Form will also be aged to period and will be a carbon copy just as original.
Retail Order Form Sample

We offer discounts for multiple documents:
We have a package deal price for: Window sticker, Car Shipper and Dealer Invoice for $225 (That’s just $75.00 each document). For all 4 Documents, above plus the Retail Order from: $300, (that’s the same savings at $75 each document). Any 2 documents are $180. 5 Documents in the case of Corvettes that would include a Tank Sticker are: $375 also $75.00 per document.

With each order placed, we remain in constant communication along the way to ensure we have everything right. Our priority is getting it right and offering 100% Customer Satisfaction. Once the documents are completed, we will scan them and send black and white copies to you via e-mail to ensure you are satisfied with the result. At that point, we usually send you a Paypal invoice. If you do not have a Paypal account, you can still pay through Paypal with your credit card or we will accept checks. If for any reason, you are not satisfied, we will make every attempt to correct the issues. If for any reason we cannot satisfy you, you are under no obligation to purchase from us.
As you scroll through the pages, you will see all the information we request in order to produce a perfectly reproduced and correct document. If you have any documentation already, we would very much appreciate copies be sent to us to further ensure accuracy.
If you have any questions, please select the e-mail link on the bottom of each page or call us. We always return phone calls!!!!

Why our Reproduction Documents are the BEST:

  • We custom create all of our forms, where as our competition uses readily available retail forms sold all over the Web. These forms are incorrect and very often sold for multiple years which is  also incorrect.
  • There are some years where the forms changed mid-year, so based on the production date of your car, we will use the correct forms
  • During the course of the production year, vehicle and option prices may have changed up to 3 times. We have original Chevrolet Price books for each year and for each quarter and use the correct pricing based on your car’s build date. Our Competitor’s use one price for the entire year regardless of the build date of your vehicle.
  • Our fonts have been reproduced using samples from the original IBM printers. Each letter and symbol was carefully crafted mirroring the original fonts used by GM. None of our competitors have the correct fonts and use readily available standard fonts that are a sure telltale sign of a poor reproduction.
  • VIN suffix stamps changed with the years and also through different plants. We have custom suffix stamps that match the original GM documents based on year and plant; once again none of our competition uses the correct VIN suffix stamps mirroring the original Bates stamping machines.
  • Option Verbiage changes by model, year and sometimes plant. The exact description of each option is usually another method of determining reproduction documents. We have an entire database based upon model, years and plants to ensure exact descriptions of the options.
  • ECL codes, the one or two letter codes that follow each option have never been published for any vehicle with the exception of Corvettes for a few years. ECL codes or Exception Control Letters helped the Assembly Line workers know which parts to install and which parts not to install. We have a complete data base based on unpublished GM documents depicting original Chevrolet ECL codes by model and year.
  • We work with some of the Top document specialists in the field based on year and model. We also assist restoration shops with document authenticity prior to their restoration work on high value vehicles.
  • We assist in researching your car with you. We decode trim tags, POP and other information you provide us with. We call libraries, historical societies, scour through old Newspaper ads to assist in ensuring we have the most accurate information available.
  • We understand you have choices. We are not the most inexpensive nor the most expensive by any means. We are constantly receiving orders from people who first chose another Reproduction Company and found their products to be inferior to the quality they expected. I hear from Customers who spent in excess of $40,000 - $75,000 on their restorations and then spent $35 for their reproduction window sticker. The poor quality of the window sticker and other reproduction documents detract from the high quality of work performed on your car.


Q How long does it take to make a Window Sticker?
A Turnaround production time is usually within 1 to 1 ½ weeks but we will stay in communication the entire time with you.
Q How much is shipping?
A Shipping within the United States is free of charge. Outside the US, shipping will be an additional charge of exactly what it costs. We don’t make any money on shipping.
Q Do the Window Stickers come with the pin feeds attached?
A Yes, for the 1966, 1967 abd 1968 Corvette years along with some other years and models that use these same blanks, All these Window Stickers will have the pin feeds attached along with the top & bottom tear-off.
Q Can you make Canadian Window Stickers?
A We do have a small supply of Canadian Window Stickers and have produced them for some customers. Please e-mail for pricing.
Q What if I am not sure what options my car came with?
A Just complete the requested information and we will be in touch with you to assist. Part of the reason we ask for the Trim Code information is to ensure we have the options, date codes, trim, etc. correct.
Q I have an original Window Sticker for my car. Can you make another from mine?
A Yes, just scan yours and e-mail it to us, you will not need to fill out the information about your vehicle, however, please complete the personal information.
Q I have a very rare high value Corvette. Can you make a window sticker for it?
A For high value and/or rare vehicles, we would require some type of proof of authenticity prior to production.


Questions or comments? Contact Paul at paul@winvoices.com  (516) 499-6666